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Healthy Emotes, LLC
1011 E. Jenkins Ave.
Columbus, Oh 43207
      Mon - Thur, 9a - 5p
      Telehealth Only
To schedule an appointment
Call 614-669-5115  
"Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to remain the same!"
- Kimberly Bozeman
My motto is "If it's important enough to bother you, it's important enough to discuss!" 

     Regardless of depression, fear, abuse, anxiety, marriage, or self-esteem issues, you can find relief with therapeutic counseling. I use integrated psychotherapy, whereby each client's therapy is uniquely tailored to his or her unique condition.

     My ideal clients are those who have Attention Deficit Disorder, and parents of children with ADD/ADHD. Parents of children with this condition are often stressed, frustrated, and confused as to how to help their children. Counseling parents focuses on self-care, while creating a warm, nurturing, hostile free environment.By providing Christian Integrated Counseling, a non-judgmental, nurturing and caring atmosphere will initiate your healing process.

Kimberly S. Bozeman MA.,LPCC 

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